Many Voices, One Vision

Moving local communities and the region towards aligned goals and actions for the best possible results.

Imagine how helpful it would be to have a group of leaders from all organizations and entities in the region come together a few times a year to share what’s happening and determine how to help each other when it makes good sense for the community.

There is already a lot of strategic planning, cooperation, and progress happening in northwest Missouri. However, most are specific to a single focus such as business, education, health and wellness, downtown revitalization, specific neighborhoods, infrastructure, other sectors, and special interests.

Envision what would happen if all of these groups agreed on a united vision and committed to working together on shared priorities while everyone also pursued their own goals. What if we could make our local communities’ and the entire region’s journey through life a little easier by simply talking and acting together?

The next level of opportunity for the region is to bring all of these leaders together to achieve collective impact and collaborACTION. Maximize NWMO is creating and implementing a sustainable guidance system to help people of all ages dream big, decide wisely, and work together to maximize the potential of the place called home. This guidance, or community operating system, will become the new “way things get done around here.” It honors the best of our collective past, respects the people involved today, and responsibly pursues the opportunities of our near and distant future.

 The framework we are using is based on worldwide proven practices for public participation as well as aligning and integrating the plans, actions, resources, and results related to key community-wide goals.

Join us today to learn how to make meaningful changes to improve our community’s knowledge and skills, health, wealth, and quality of life!

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